New CV Template: All black hipster

Pretending I did not have any more pressing matters at hand, I used my day off today to create new Hipster CV theme based on my current absolute favourite: the Developer CV from LaTeX Templates. Surprisingly, this one apparently hasn’t gone viral yet. Which I totally don’t get. It has inspired the allblack version of hipstercv. But I actually think it’s so good that it will lend inspiration for another CV template even. So stay tuned for that.

Try it out directly here on Overleaf 😉


These are the ‘classic’ darkhipster and lighthipster templates.

So anyways, here is the Hipster CV and you can now conveniently change between colour themes. There are currently six themes: verylight, allblack, grey, pastel, lighthipster, darkhipster.

These are the ‘pastels’: verylight and pastel

Also, I used the opportunity to finally fix the error in the original hipster template pointed out by Peter Flynn (@docum3nt on Twitter). You can find it on the same old the hipstercv-github which now actually has a new shiny preview section in the readme 😉

And finally, the new ‘blacks’ I got inspired to create today: grey and allblack

So, I hope you can use this template. Let me know how you like it or whether I should add something different.


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