CV Template: Simple Hipster CV

In this summer of CV templates, what else could I do but add another one?

Try it out on Overleaf.

This is a new version of Hipster CV ( Github & Overleaf – read up more on the initial thought with it here: On the colour options & here on the template itself ).

A comparison view with the original Hipster CV.

The idea was to create a template a little less flashy than the original Hipster CV but still somehow in the same spirit of being modern and unusual. The colour themes are the same as in hipster, but this time, there is yet another version “withoutsidebar” for a version where the sidebar has no background colour (there will still be a sidebar, sorry for the confusing naming).

The blacks: allblack and grey

It was also inspired by friggeri (Overleaf) and twenty CVs (Twenty Seconds & Smart Twenty) as well as the developer CV ( on LaTeX Templates )

The pastels: pastel and verylight

So long and thanks for all the fish!



And finally, the withoutsidebar option. The github repo for Simple Hipster is here.

I like LaTeX, the Humanities and the Digital Humanities. Here I post tutorials and other adventures.

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