New CV Template: Pastel CV / Resumé

Since I have been neglecting the LaTeX part of this blog in favour of DH themed posts, I decided to give you a new CV template today. It is really just something simple, with (more or less) pastel colours, only one colour at a time, a opposed to my more colourful Hipster and Simple Hipster templates. It has some of the more ‘academic elements’ of, for example, the Two Row or the Modern Simple, but it also has some visuals like the Timeline CV.

turquoise and rose. Get going right now with the Overleaf template! 

Since the Hipster templates were fun to make but I kind of doubt their usability in an acutal job-seeking situation, I wanted to provide someting that is still modern but also not unnecessarily flashy. It also is inspired by the very popular Awesome CV and features some of it’s visual elements, such as the header, some of the tabulars and the section headings with the distinctive first three letters in colour, albeit here it’s coded differently.

pastelgreen and red

There are eight different colour options, the blues (lighthipsterblue and blue), the darks (allblack and grey) as well as four pastels (pastelgreen, turquoise, rose and red).

lighthipsterblue and blue

Find the github here. And, of course, it’s in submission on Overleaf, so I’ll update this once it’s done. EDIT: Here is the Overleaf template. Try it out straighaway!

allblack and grey

So long, and thanks for all the fish!


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