A Template for Book Summaries

Who doesn’t love a non-fiction book every once in a while? But then, they usually contain so much information that you can’t remember it for very long. Which is why I came up with this useful and visually pleasing book summary template so that you can write down whatever was most important to you.


Check out the github or try it out on Overleaf.

Visually, this template is inspired inspired by Jan Küster’s Left Sidebar CV (and his github). I took main the visual elements like the header with the photo on the left, a left sidebar realized using paracol and the title, as well as the nice section headings (now named \heading{}) as well as the colour choice.

However, I simplified the commands for the headings and title box and got rid of all the CV commands which were not needed here. Instead, I added a few details relevant to book summaries such as a nice quote environment as well as checklist style itemize.


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