A new version of the Colourful Cheatsheet Template

It has been a while since my last cheatsheet template. In the meantime, I have gotten a bit tired of the old one because – as much as I love using colours for learning – the colour choices I made back then for the template are starting to put my nerves on edge. They’re a little bit too bright for me now. And I’ve fallen in love with the Metropolis Beamer template in the meantime, so I decided to recolour and reshape my old template a little bit inspired by that.

So this is the new template. It has been added to the Overleaf template gallery!
The blocks are less round and less bright than in the old one. I like it. I hope you do too!

This was the old Colourful Cheatsheet Template on Overleaf and this was the blogpost to go with it where I reflected on summaries used for learning. I still have lots of opinions on that topic – but maybe not today because I have some classes to prepare (terms starts next week for me, at the time of writing this). Let me know if you want more discussions on that and until then, you can check out the Effective Learning or Teaching categories of this blog for older musings.

An example of alert and example blocks which show that it has been inspired by the Metropolis beamer template.

So that’s a short post for me today – but you can count on more posts coming up soon, so stay tuned because the Ninja is back!

So long and good night!

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