The LaTeX Ninja is nominated for the DH Awards for 2019! Please vote!

I don’t usually do self-promotional posts, but today I’ll make an exception: The LaTeX Ninja blog’s DH category was nominated for the DH Awards 2019. So I warmly encourage you to vote for the Ninja and share this – because, as the site’s 2019 FAQ state quite clearly – in the end, the DH awards are a popularity contest.

So this is the reason for some shameless self-promotion today. I’ll be back with useful content soon. But this also serves me well in terms of my own blog time management since I’m currently too busy with conference organization to able to provide an insightful thoughtful blog entry.

Generally, anyone can vote – you don’t even need to be in the DH yourself! So please do vote and get your grandma to vote too 😉

Am I allowed to vote?
Everyone is allowed to vote, voting is entirely open to the public. You do not even have to view yourself as part of the Digital Humanities community to vote. If you want to vote, then vote. (DH Awards 2019 FAQ)

But, please don’t vote multiple votes and also look at the other resources nominated. The idea behind the whole thing is to popularize DH resources. However, if you really don’t know what else to vote for – I highly recommend the Transkribus Software in the Tool category (for which I made a tutorial at some point which you seemed to like a lot back then).

However, you are not required to vote for more than one category. Although it is recommended you do.

So, that’s it from me for today, really.

Doesn’t that just turn it into a popularity contest?
In some ways, yes, it does! The other alternative would be to have the winners decided by a shadowy oligarchy, and we don’t like those. (Though they sometimes do perfectly good work, and are nice people, it isn’t what these awards are about.) DH Awards was set up intentionally as an openly-nominated and openly-voted form of recognition and awareness raising. If we start controlling who has the right to vote it undermines this. There were active campaigns by some to get their entire university, sub-community, friends, etc. to vote for their resource…this is fine. It all goes towards publicising DH resources to the wider public. If you learn about one new DH resource then the endeavour has been a success.  (DH Awards 2019 FAQ)

It’s a popularity contest – so please vote 😉

Thanks & Best,

the Ninja

I like LaTeX, the Humanities and the Digital Humanities. Here I post tutorials and other adventures.

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