A template for progress tracking #100DaysofX projects

You might have seen that I have written a little bit about #100DaysofX projects and challenges (such as the #100DaysofDH challenge) lately and I have hinted that I have been working on a LaTeX template for goal tracking. Thus, today I want to share with you a template to help you create your own custom tracker printout for 100 days challenge. It can also be customized for shorter challenges, such as 30 or 21 days challenges.

Me filling out my template… I used different colouurs for different programming languages.

The main features are a big overview for the complete challenge which you can colour in according to how much of it you’ve already done. There is a little goal overview because from my own experience, for a long challenges, it makes sense to have sub-goals or maybe also define rewards.

This is the Github and I will make it available as a template on Overleaf soon!

The big goal overview site with symbols to colour in once you’ve completed a day, noting down possible rewards for completing the project, identifying the big project and its subprojects. Also noting down the starting date.

Then there are smaller trackers including space for you to note down what you acutally did (like how much time was spent, on what dates in case you don’t do it daily, what you did, etc.) and what you have learned. Because I have realized that it can feel pretty meaningless if you only Tweet because Tweets get lost and looking back, you might want to review what you even did and what you learned as a takeaway. So I suggest you make some notes on that.

An example page for the littel trackers. Note down when you worked (the date), how long you worked and what you did. There also is room to make not of what you learned in the process, so you can later use your notes for refrence.

Also, sorry for not posting very regularly this year. I think I don’t need to remind you that it hasn’t been a normal year for most of us. As for me, I am pretty stressed about having to finish my PhD thesis, so sadly, I can’t go back to a weeky posting schedule even now that summer is over. I’m so sorry about that for my regular readers but it can’t be helped for now, I’m sure you can understand that and have maybe experienced the same this year.

Hoping that you’re all well,


the Ninja

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